Inicio 9 Programme 9 Calls and recruitment process

Calendar of the calls

The IDEAL Programme has two calls for applications. Each call will be open for 3 months. After the calls closing, the applications will pass three main stages: 1) eligibility check, 2) evaluation and selection and 3) appointment phase.

      • First call: July 2021. CLOSED
      • Second call: March 2023. Closing: 5th June 2023.

The IDEAL Fellowships duration is 30 months.

See the timeline of the recruitment process

    Recruitment process

    The recruitment process will be carried out by the selection committee ensuring an open, transparent and merit-based process. All eligible applications will be evaluated by three independent reviewers and will be given a score in accordance with the H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions criteria of scientific excellence (70%), impact (15%) and implementation (15%).


    Includes publications and participation in research projects, quality of the motivation letter detailing the research interests.


    Relates to the expected impact on the applicant’s future career from the research carried out at IMDEA Nanociencia, as well as potential applicability of the results.


    Feasibility of the research interests detailed in the application and adequacy of the existing infrastructure to carry out the research of the proposal.

    Ensuring equal opportunities

    The IDEAL recruitment process will not discriminate against applicants on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity, national or social origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, language, disability, political opinion and social or economic condition. Researchers with disabilities are supported and an MSCA Special Needs Allowance will be applied for to cover any additional costs. IMDEA Nanociencia is located in a fully accessible building according to national laws. The IDEAL programme will aim for a representative gender balance at all levels, including at supervisory and management level. Career breaks and variations on the chronological order in the CV will not be penalized.


    The list of eligibility criteria can be found in the Eligibility section.