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Career development

IDEAL’s career development scheme is based in three cornerstones:

1.- Career guidance

IDEAL’s supervision strategy for career development and training requires each fellow to have three supervisors with specific and complementary functions during their stay at IMDEA Nanociencia: Scientific Supervisor, Career Advisor and Career Coordinator.


    2.- A personalized career development plan

    Fellows and supervisors will agree on a Personalised Career Development Plan (PCDP), which aims to allow researchers to plan their career efficiently, establishing goals, recognizing strengths and weaknesses and discovering possibilities of professional development.

    3.- A comprehensive training plan

    The IDEAL Training Programme will be offered to fellows aiming to deepen interdisciplinary scientific and technical skills on the different areas of knowledge of IMDEA Nanociencia. Training also draws special focus on transferable skills training, having in mind fellow’s future career development with an innovative, interdisciplinary and intersectional perspective.