Inicio 9 IDEAL Programme 9 Committees

The Programme Steering Committee

The Programme Steering Committee will be in charge of selecting appropriate external referees and will liaise between them and the Scientific Advisory Board. The Steering Committee is composed of the Programme Coordinator, members of the IMDEA Executive Scientific Committee and Partner Organization representatives.

Assessment and monitoring of the programme will be carried out by the Programme Steering Committee. They will be assisted by the Scientific Advisory Board who will oversee the scientific quality of the fellowships, monitoring the individual projects. Madri+d Foundation will oversee the evaluation phase of proposals from IDEAL candidates. Madri+d is the regional quality assurance agency for Higher Education in Madrid Region and has experience implementing COFUND calls evaluation with a database of more than 3,700 experts from different sectors covering 30 nationalities.

External international peer-review and ranking

All eligible applications will be peer reviewed by two expert independent referees. Nominated by the Steering Committee, they will evaluate the applications regarding three separate aspects: scientific excellence, impact and the implementation of the research.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board will guard over the scientific quality of the fellowships and be in charge of the final evaluation of the applications. The Scientific Advisory Board will be composed of eight members with the following distribution: five external experts, one per scientific area of IMDEA Nanociencia; one representative from industry; one representative of the Working Group on Gender Equality at IMDEA Nanociencia; and the Programme Coordinator.